Advanced Excel Course

What is this excel course?

It is an online video based course about advanced excel techniques, array formulas, excel functions, nested excel functions and building array formulas on dashboards and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA). The course explains the most common and useful excel functions and how to use them in array formulas.

If you think the array formulas presented on my blog are great but don´t have a clue how they work, this is the course for you. The goal is to increase your understanding of array formulas so you can build productive workbooks that works for you. See the list of lessons.

Learn at your own pace. You can stop whenever you want and continue some other time. You are free to see the videos whenever you want, whenever you can. You can download the videos to your own hard drive.

You can comment each video and start a discussion. I will do my very best answering your questions.

This dashboard is constructed without any vba code.

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What do you learn in this online video based excel course?

  • The basics of array formulas
  • Learn how to use the most common excel functions in array formulas
  • How to construct powerful array formulas
  • Learn about comparison and arithmetical operators
  • Advanced logic
  • Use powerful formulas in conditional formatting
  • Cell references in array formulas
  • Excel tables and named ranges
  • Lookups
  • Compare values or records
  • Filter values
  • Nested functions
  • Use array formulas in dashboards
  • See the table of contents

I recently added an additional 12 hours of video on VBA training. Yes, this is also included if you buy the Advanced Excel Course.

  • Create powerful macros and automate your work
  • Learn to build your own User Defined Functions
  • Userforms and custom dialog boxes
  • Variables and array variables
  • Excel Events
  • Manipulate pivot tables
  • Working with files, folders and text files
  • Regular expressions
  • and more
  • See list of lessons

Learn to build an advanced project tracker.

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What you get when you buy this excel course

Dashboard - Financial markets

Who is this excel course for?

  • You are not a total excel beginner
  • Know some excel basics, i e, how to enter a regular formula, like the SUM function
  • You get the most out of it if you have excel 2007 or a later version

Learn to build a choropleth map.

Who made this course?


My name is Oscar Cronquist and I frequently blog about microsoft excel here: Get Digital Help

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Price $239 USD

What happens after I click the paypal button?

  1. You will be transferred over to a secure paypal order page. Click "Pay with my paypal account" or if you don´t have a paypal account, click "Don´t have a paypal account?". You will now have the option to pay with your credit card.
  2. You will be returned back to my website to register a username and password.
  3. Log in and start the advanced excel course.

Frequently asked questions

Can I watch the video contents from my computer?

You can watch the video content from your computer, it works with Google Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. You can also watch it on your Ipad, if you prefer.

Do I need a paypal account?

No, you can pay with your credit card. Click "Don´t have a paypal account?" when you make your payment.

Can I share my account with a coworker or friend?

No, you can not share your login and password with anyone. You have one license and you are not allowed to share or reproduce the course content.

Are there any team discounts?

Yes, contact me. Use the contact form below.

I have been a student but VBA training was not available at the time?

Contact me and I will open you account again.


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